The AB200 is a lightweight plywood-floor trailer.

Tow with your small car or motorcycle.


  • Gross Weight: 7500kg
  • Trailer Weight: 180kg
  • Axle Capacity: 750kg

Technical Details

  • Braked: No
  • Drawbar: A-frame
  • Tipping Box: As standard
  • Hinged & Removable Panel: Rear
  • Trailer Floor: Plywood
  • Tyres: 155/70 R13


  • Box Dimensions Length: 200cm
  • Box Dimensions Width: 120cm

Available Accessaries

  • Spare Wheel & Support: As an option
  • Jockey Wheel: As an option
  • Soft Cover: As an option
  • Hard Cover: As an option
  • Roof Racks: As an option
  • Metal High side: As an option

$ 1,995.00